a little bit about Shylo

about me

My name is Shylo. I love visual media and the creative process. As you can see I have a variety of skills, but my specialty is photo-realistic 3D modeling and rendering. I also have years of experience in graphic design and creating virtual and augmented reality experiences for both architecture and entertainment. 


I received a Bachelors of Architecture degree from the University of Kentucky in 2008. Since then I have worked in the architecture industry and focused on visualization and digital media especially for marketing and collaboration.

My eclectic background in virtual & augmented reality, architecture, art, design, graphics, development, and even hardware has given me a unique perspective and broad range of skills from a hand for physically crafted works of art to an eye for high end digital interactive media with sensors and lights. The Vitruvian balance of firmness, utility, and delight is the essence of my approach to carefully craft, decisively design, and artfully augment every experience.

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