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Jul 7

Gearing up for our next "Realities" project!


Edited: Jul 7

Since 2015, as HVRE, we focused on VR/AR and collaborated as teams to create a variety of really amazing projects. We've done a haunted trail in the Gear VR (2 months-5 people), a room scale horror themed breakout game for the HTC Vive (7 months-10 people), a series of "dream" themed art experiences for Google Cardboard (6 months-10 people), and a crafting cat collecting game in AR available on Google Play (12 months- a variety of people from 5-40). Now we're thinking of a short project for this year, what would you like to do?


Feedback we've received about our previous projects:

  • shorter periods are easier to finish for individuals

  • a defined project and scope is preferred over "doing your own thing" or figuring it out in a group

  • organized, documented, and recorded weekly meetings online are helpful to members even if they can't make the meetings

  • meeting in person was preferred when possible

  • roles are great, but when the team is small it's hard to stick to just one role, learning to be flexible is also helpful


With that in mind some options we've been thinking about include:

  1. a second level for Mortimer's Mansion with a series of new puzzles due at Halloween?

  2. a small mobile AR game due when we decide (Android only for now)

  3. a simple Google Cardboard art project due when we decide.


If you'd like to be involved, tell us in the comments what you'd like to make, and how long you'd like to work on it. We're open to suggestions, ideas, and conversations.

New Posts
  • Way back in 2017, I was fortunate enough to be part of a team that created a game that was accepted as a finalist for the Alt-Ctrl GDC awards, Super Furry Neon Catheads . Making that game was huge fun and I want to do something new! So what is this Alt-Ctrl-GDC that I speak of? Well, here's according to GDC's website, " alt.ctrl.GDC is one of GDC's most acclaimed community spaces where visitors can play games using alternative controllers and meet the developers behind these uniquely interesting projects." It's a blast. I've seen games made with old operator equipment, sewing machines, a vacuum cleaner, a giant black inflated balloon you get into...it's crazy and awesome. Usually the entry is later in the year, so now is a good time to plan for something. So let me know in the comments what you think! Even if you don't work with me, I highly encourage you to enter. Find someone to work with here in the comments, or in the "Co-llaborate" section of our forum!