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Jul 25

A crazy idea: I want a diet/health app that can do it all...


I have a ton of food allergies and sensitivities. There are recipes I can use out there, but I still have to replace ingredients most times. This is just one situation where it would be nice to have ingredients replaced according to my specific dietary needs. For people without sensitivities, knowing what's on hand and replacing ingredients is also helpful, as well as just replacing things you don't like or might be too expensive. So, it'd be nice to have a pantry tracker too. And then maybe there could be a function to plan meals efficiently so perishable ingredients don't go to waste and can be reused in different ways to save money, and a way to control level of complexity so I can save time when needed. Then it'd be nice to send the list of ingredients to grocery apps, even directly to stores, and maybe even have ingredients delivered on a subscription according to plans that takes the current pantry/stock into consideration. And then tracking calories and nutrients on prepared meals would be helpful for health and weight maintenance. Then once the program knows what I need, I'd like the option to get a subscription of recipes created to suit my needs from professional dietitians & nutritionists, and options for supplements. I probably need to be able to track exercise and activity as well. Maybe sleep patterns as well as other body cycles and functions. Tracking symptoms might be a good proactive measure as well, to get a report of possible triggers for certain things. Perhaps health professionals can use it to help talk to patients, or vice versa.


There are lists out there for replacements. There are pantry tracking apps. Recipe apps are abundant. Diet apps....you name it there's an app, but they don't talk to each other. I'd like modular apps for each part of "all of the things" that talk to each other, like part of a system, but secure enough to make purchases for me, know where I live, what my health is like, and what's in my pantry.


What do you think? Too big? Too crazy? Is this something you would use? What thoughts do you have about it? Share in the comments.