**Due to contractual obligations, we are unable to provide custom services to architects in the state of Kentucky.**

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Book our VR Arcade online now

how to vr with our arcade

1. book a time online (or in person during events)


2. be on time


3. follow the rules

what are the rules

  1. We reserve the right to remove you from the equipment.

  2. By booking with us, we assume you’ve read all of the rules, understand them, and agree to them. We assume that you understand you are responsible for your health and safety.

  3. Three calls for your name at events, and then it's up to you to find us.

  4. Just use equipment like it's supposed to be used.

  5. Always keep the lanyard properly attached to your wrists while playing.

  6. In the case that you feel discomfort while playing, immediately close your eyes and ask for help out.

  7. Please stay inside of the boundary that the VR equipment shows you if you get too close to walls.

  8. Please be careful of your footing, and avoid doing things that could make you fall or run into things.

  9. Please don’t put on or remove the equipment alone.

  10. Remember that it takes a minute to load sometimes.

  11. Have fun responsibly!



Booking is simple

You can book a longer session and share your time with friends, just let us know when booking.