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Design Competition Entry for DI-2020: Modular Minimalist Wardrobe

MoMiWardrobe Entry for DI-2020

Project brief:

This is my entry for a design competition for https://www.design-innovation.uk/

The idea was my own, as well as the presentation for entry.

Project role:

Solo project

Software used:

Autodesk Revit



Hardware used:


Wacom Tablet

Exemplified skills:

Design: Fashion & Product Packaging

Visualizations: Custom 3D models

Visualizations: 2D sketches

Visualizations: 3D renderings

Visualizations: Photographic manipulation

Capture: Photograph of Beach Sunset

Graphics: Presentation layout for print

Copy: Entry Explanation

Other: Product Pitch Considerations


small - medium (hours - days)

simple, basic, seen between 50' and 100'

a project with few processes that require longer work sessions

Project process

The following was given:

DI-2020 stands for Design and Innovation in 2020. The design competition is open to both concept projects, as well as realized projects by young design and tech professionals worldwide. International Talent Competition DI-2020 is about finding and celebrating talent that blurs boundaries between design, tech and business. It aims to facilitate innovation, promote and celebrate work that challenges the traditional set up of an industry or business through a new method, creative solution or a strategy. We are here to learn from each other and celebrate work that questions our everyday life in a fundamental way. It is about identifying opportunities and developing responsive creative solutions. Innovation is happening everywhere, new industries emerge, but how can we produce better design, build innovative businesses and create smarter technological solutions?
Our international board of jury has experts in Fine Art, Digital Technology, Design, Startups and Venture Capital who will provide their expertise in judging your work. Top 3 proposals will receive £1000 each to jumpstart their work or invest in their ongoing project.
Julia Chang
Architect and Artist, award-winning projects 2013 IDSA Gold Award, 2017 BCO Award, 2017 FX Design Award, Exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts (London)
Kyriakos Eleftheriou
Serial entrepreneur, Ex Tesla, Founder at Cartaroo (exited), Ideateq (exited), Laboil
Maryna Omelchenko
Serial entrepreneur, Ex EY-Parthenon, Founder at V.C (exited), Founder & CEO at Careerhub, Venture Capital Investor at DN Capital
Poorvi Sultania
Artist, Founder and Head of Studio Poorvi Sultania (Baroda-Bangalore, India)
Raouf Yousfi
Serial entrepreneur, Ex PWC, Founder at Nofalo (exited), Co-founder & CEO at Hostellar.co
REQUIREMENTS Please submit your proposal on a single page (4961 x 4961 px) with 200-500 words text outlining:
What is your proposal? What problem does it solve? Why your solution is unique? How do you see your solution being implemented now and in the span of the next 3-5 years? Add 1-5 visuals to illustrate your concept Each submission should not exceed 5MB
TIMELINE DI-2020 Opens -30 March , 2020 Early Entry Deadline - 20 April, 2020 Final Entry Deadline - 15 April, 2020 Winners Announced - 23 May, 2020
Due to the current global COVID-19 pandemic, DI 2020 deadline is extended until the 15th of May.


The idea came from my personal journey to reducing my belongings for a simpler life. I was researching capsule wardrobes and found the idea of finding a certain number of "perfect items" daunting, and expensive. I began looking at convertible clothing, but those were always going to be the same fabric, and still were limited. I thought about the essence of what clothing is to humans: covering, protection, comfort, & expression. I thought about the idea of adding sleeves, hoods, length, and layers. Then I broke it down further into what all clothing items are made from, panels, and decided panels would make the ultimate module. This sat in my sketchbook for a few months as one of my many "crazy ideas" until I found this competition and thought it would be a great fit for their theme and a small enough scope for the time I had to work on it.


The competition appeared to be juried mostly by startup oriented people, and some designers, so I would need an attractive & thoughtful presentation with a compelling pitch.

I looked at fashion industry standards for presentation so my work could have a feel for that.

I also looked at trending minimalist products for color and mood.

I did some sketches and even looked up what it would take to model something in 3D with fabric physics, but I just didn't have time before the entry deadline.

Iteration & Process:

After I had a few sketches I decided that I'd work from the pitch then refine my visuals to support that.

I iterated on the pitch several times, especially due to the word count limitation. In the end, I isolated the elements I wanted to focus on: the actual modules, sizing, customization, storage, and community.

My graphics were reduced to just the information that helped or set the mood.

Project results:

See the images below for views at full size.

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